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UKTV now is a new and exciting app for you to enjoy your favorite TV shows on mobile. Many people in the world are addicted to the TV shows. Their interest on the TV can be different. It is not possible for a person to take TV sets with them everywhere. Therefore, to help them the uktvnow app arrived. With the help of this great app the viewers can easily view their favorite shows live anywhere and anytime.

The uktvnow apk is available on play store and ios store to download but no worries you guys can download UKTvNow from here too. This offers the high quality audio and video contents to the viewers. This offers more than 150 channels of 10 countries and in 9 categories. People can choose their favorite country and category and then can easily watch their shows on UKTVNOW. This is one of the most popular app on the android play store with millions of downloads. Don’t hesitate to download UkTvNow.

You can easily connect the uktvnow app to pc with your Smart TV and Apple TV. This will increase your fun on the bigger screen. You only need to get good internet connection to enjoy the live video streaming of your favorite shows. You can easily increase and decrease the audio – video quality of the uktvnow app. Even more you guys can save your favorite tv shows to watch them later. The user interface of the app is simple and easy to use. You can select the channels and put them into your favorite channel list by swipe up. Isn’t it something you want? Make sure to download UKTVNOW apk from here.

If you want to watch the shows on the big screen like pc then for this the developers of the app have recently launched a latest version of the UkTVNOW app that will easily works for uktvnow for pc. With the help of this version, you can connect your Windows pc with the app and can view your shows on your pc or laptop. This will help those people who do not have TV set in their home.


UK TV NOW is the best live video streaming Android application that provides live TV channels from various countries like Arab, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.


You can double up the fun by connecting the device into a Smart TV or Apple TV which will give you an awesome experience. The user interface is much easy to use and you can select the channels as per your wish. The data base of the channels are amazing, you can swipe up through your favorite channels shows as you prefer out. Just get it and try it yourself guys and it’s worth.

All Android devices like HTC, MicroMax, Lenovo, Blackberry, Windows Phones, Sony, Samsung, Kodi, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Quova, iOS (iPhone 6, iPhone 6S/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 4), iPad 2/3/4 or iPad Pro, iPad Mini and lot more devices can support UKTVNOW APK. Latest version of the app with UKTVNOW apk installation steps and UKTVNOW apk download link is given on this site.

UKTVNOW for Android, UKTVNOW for iPhone

How to download the uktvnow from play store or mac store:-

• First, open the play store for android and ios store for iphone.
• In the search bar on the top type the uktvnow apk and press ok
• The app will be opened on your phones.
• You can read the reviews and other details of the app if you want.
• After that click on install.
• After few seconds, it will be downloaded in your phone.
• Now open it and make your account in it.
• Then select your country and pick up your favorite categories.
• Now enjoy the live TV in high definition.


how to download uktvnow apk

    Follow the steps mentioned below and then download UKTVNOW APK application. You need to enable "Unknown Sources" to install UKTVNOW.

  • Go to Settings and click on Security.
  • Scroll down to "Unknown Sources"
  • Tap "OK" when the warning appears
  • If the option to verify apps pops up, uncheck it. (If somehow, this notification doesn't show up, you're already good to go)
  • Open our website from browser and download the free app.
  • Now you're ready to watch all the channels, free of charge and that too in good quality.

UKTV NOW again not streaming

  • How To Install UKTV Again KODI Addon
  • UKTV Again is a live TV Kodi addon that has many streams from sports to documentaries.

    uktv now again not streaming

    Like all addons if the server becomes full the stream will not work and is a bit of a hit or miss. Live TV with Kodi is not reliable as yet but is improving all the time.

    Step By Step Guide How To Install UKTV Again

  • Go to System–>File Manager

  • uktvnow file manager
  • Add source

  • uktvnow add source
  • A box will come up click where it says “None”.

  • uktvnow none
  • Type in the following URL

  • uktvnow apk download
  • Type Metal Kettles In the “enter name” box.

  • uktvnow enter name
  • Check the boxes and be sure everything has been typed in correctly.

  • uktvnow check box
  • Goto back to the main page and goto System–>Settings

  • uktvnow system setting
  • Add-ons

  • uktvnow addon
  • Install from Zip File

  • uktvnow install from zip
  • Select Metal Kettles

  • uktvnow Select Metal Kettles
  • Select (If the file version is newer than install that)

  • uktvnow new version
  • Wait for the bottom right of the screen to show it installed. It may also update.

  • uktvnow apk 40
  • Install from repository

  • Install from repository
  • MetalKettles Addon Repository

  • MetalKettles Addon Repository
  • Video add-ons

  • UKTVNOW Video Addon
  • Select UKTV Again and it will download and install.

  • UKTVNOW Download Install

    UKTV Again will now be located from the main menu Video section.

    How To Install UKTV Again Manually

    If you have problems with the above method Metal Kettles repository can also be downloaded and installed manually.

  • To do this go to and download
  • With-in Kodi go to System>Setting>addons and click Install from zip file and direct it to the file location.
  • For PC computer users save the file to C: as Kodi will not see the Desktop or Download folder.
  • Follow all the steps above to install UKTV Again from the Metal Kettle repository.
    Do you know UKTVNOW Kodi is an addon which works like charm? Try it now.


    Origins (1992-1997)

    UKTV started as a single channel, UK GOLD. The original partners behind the channel were the BBC's commercial arm BBC Enterprises and the ITV contractor Thames Television, although before the launch the American cable operator Cox Enterprises stepped in and took a majority share, 65 percent, in exchange for underwriting the costs of launching the channel.

    UK Gold launched on 1 November 1992, showing reruns of 'classic' archive programming from the archives of the BBC and Thames. In a sense, UK Gold succeeded British Satelite Broadcasting's Galaxy channel that had originally held these rights from the BBC.

    The Launch of the UKTV network (1997)

    During 1996, Flextech and the BBC held talks about a partnership to launch a new range of channels under the name UKTV. BSkyB tried to compete against Flextech for the right to develop the BBC channels, but the BBC were against inviting BSkyB to participate in the pay-TV venture.

    It is understood that BSkyB would have sought a significant share in the planned channels, in exchange for agreeing to offer them to its 3.8 million direct-to-home satellite subscribers. It was believed at the time that if Sky intentions were spurned, BSkyB could have elected to develop competing channels in advance of the Flextech-BBC launch, particularly arts and documentaries, as a spoiling tactic.

    A compromise was reached; BBC Showcase and BBC Learning, renamed BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge respectively before launch, would go ahead as BBC channels without commercials, while the deal with Flextech was passed to BBC Worldwide with a control split thus allowing the remaining channels to carry advertisements. The 'UK' prefix was chosen for these new channels to capitalise on the success of UK Gold, as the brand by then had become a household name. The 'UKTV' network launched on 1 November 1997 with three new channels; arts channel 'UK Arena', lifestyle channel 'UK Style' and documentary channel 'UK Horizons'. UK Gold retained its name but received a new look in line with the rest of the network. Although the new network didn't use the BBC name and logo, its graphics and branding was in other aspects similar to the ones used by the BBC channels. The new graphics for the BBC and UKTV were both designed by the same company, Lambie Nairn. Shortly before launch, it was decided the channel UK Living also owned by Flextech was to be renamed Living, instead of becoming part of the new UKTV network due to the similarity in programming between the channel and UK Style. On the same date, UK Gold celebrated its 5th anniversary.

    Digital expansion (1998-2007)

    The rebranding of Play UK failed to make the channel more popular, and on 30 September 2002 it was shut down. October saw the launch of the new free to view digital terrestrial platform Freeview replacing ITV Digital, and with it the new history channel 'UK History’ which was included in Freeview's license to operate the platform. UK History took many of the history-related programming from UK Horizons.

    In January 2003, UKTV launched a lifestyle channel for Freeview called UK Bright Ideas. However UK Bright Ideas was not created for the same reasons as UK Food and UK History to allow other UKTV channels to have more time to schedule other programming, but instead showed a mix of programming from UK Style and UK Food (and later UKTV Gardens) for Freeview viewers, in order to promote the lifestyle UKTV channels available on pay platforms.

    On 8 March 2004, the network carried out a major rebranding scheme where all of the UKTV channels changed their prefixes from UK to UKTV. UK Horizons was split into two channels – UKTV Documentary and UKTV People.

    In 2005, the last new channel under the UKTV branding was launched, 'UKTV Style Gardens', later renamed in 2007 to 'UKTV Gardens'. Like UK Food, it allowed UK Style to focus more on its more home-oriented programming.

    Network Rebrand

    The first stage of this rebranding began on 7 October 2008, when UKTV Gold was renamed G.O.L.D. (later Gold) and dropped its mixed entertainment schedule for pure comedy programming. UKTV Drama became the crime drama channel Alibi, and a new general entertainment channel called Watch (later W) was launched. It was with this rebrand that non-crime drama was transferred to Watch. G.O.L.D. was on one level a continuation of the Gold name used since the channel's creation, but the letters also made up the channels new slogan: 'Go On Laugh Daily'.

    On 14 June 2011, UKTV announced it would be launching Really on Freeview channel 20 on 2 August 2011. This resulted in the timeshift channel Dave ja vu broadcasting reduced hours of 02:00–04:00 on Freeview only to keep the EPG number available for future use. Really was the third of UKTV's ten brands to launch on Freeview.

    Commercials on UKTV ChannTo Iels

    In 2003, UKTV announced plans of an experiment which examined the effect of different break patterns on advertising. UKTV teamed up with ta number of advertisers to measure the effect of reductions in advertising spots, programme trailers and the number of breaks overall.

    In February 2004, UKTV reduced the length of its ad breaks in a bid to retain viewers and attract advertisers after results of its research show that shorter breaks produce higher advertising recall levels. From 8 March, Its junctions were limited to a maximum of five minutes, with three-and-a-half minutes of commercial plus one-and-a-half minutes of promotional material, instead of a standard seven-and-a-half minutes.